Established in 2009, ARC Renovation & Construction Pty Ltd (trading as ARC Homes Australia) was founded by a team of professional builders, engineers, licensed architects, and building designers who devote to making your dream homes come true.

‘Infuse something a little different and a little beyond the norm’ is what we believed in ARC Design. Through years of development, our design team has breathed a broad experience over new single dwellings, duplexes, boarding houses, industrial factories, low to medium density developments, and residential flats, and beyond that, ‘Listening & Understanding’ is what we are also really good at.

Not limited to architectural design, at ARC, we also offer top-class Interior Design services to our privileged clients who wish to take their entire home or even a development project to the next level. Altogether, we are transforming homes into your own private oasis which reflects you, your family and your lifestyle.

Now comes to our construction team.

ARC Construction is a group of award-winning building professionals who have been placing a major focus on low to medium density residential projects such as single dwellings, duplexes, townhouses, and semi-commercial projects (e.g. Child Care Centre, Retirement Village). Again, not limited to the above, our team also specializes in Adaptive Reuse Constructions and Special Use Constructions such as heritage houses and group homes.  

Over the years, ARC teams have continued to explore and innovate in a way to connect our clients with the most up-to-date design, materials and technologies. However, our philosophy to ‘be unique in the industry’ will never change, and our commitment to ARC standard — the highest standard and calibre in our work will never change.



  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Landscaping Design

  • Pre-DA applications / Council Development Application Approval (DA) / Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

  • Multi-Residential Construction

  • Semi Commercial Construction 

  • Project & Development Management

  • Real Estate Development Consulting

  • Investment Feasibility Study


Through the journey, ARC has developed its core values focusing on ‘Professionalism, Dedication, Delivery, and Uniqueness’. 

It simply means through dedicated effort, ARC professionals wish to be unique in the building industry by delivering a top-class quality and services with an open-mind perspective, big picture but also detail-oriented approach, and solution-seeking strategy

After all, our commitment at ARC is to provide our clients with a functional and beautiful space which then to be filled with their enjoyment of living.